Small Changes, Big Impact

Our customized pre-listing plan will help sell your home faster and for more money.

For each listing our Team will come up with a tailored plan to maximize its appeal to buyers and create a feeling of being "home" when they walk in. Small changes, such as painting/wallpaper, new cabinet pulls, swapping out a coffee table or getting just the right rug, crisp linens, re-staining floors, adding plants, deliver results that far exceed its costs.  Our Team will execute on the plan to coordinate the process from soup to nuts, and with Compass Concierge, we can even cover the upfront costs. 

How it works


We will walk through the space with you to identify small changes we can make to maximize value.


Our detailed proposal will outline the services and items we suggest for you to invest in and how we will transform your home.


With Concierge, Compass can cover the cost of any improvements with zero upfront costs and no interest.


Our team will coordinate the entire process from ordering to coordinate vendors to putting the final decor touches.


Congratulations on selling your home faster and for more money. If you used Concierge, you simply pay back what you spent from your proceeds.

Curious how we can transform your sale?

Maximize Your Home's Value
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101 Lafayette Ave, Apt. 4D

Per our listing proposal, our clients invested less than $7000 to revamp the entire apartment (paint, kitchen revamp, cleaning, staging), which we coordinated from start to finish. The impact was clear -- the property received 12 offers with 7 of those over asking price resulting in a sale price that was 13.7% ABOVE ASK. 

7 W. 96th Street, Apt. 15A

The Isil Yildiz Team was the fourth agent to market this property, but the first team to suggest an overhaul of the apartment which resulted in multiple offers and a successful sale. The $15,000 spent on various improvements -- fresh paint throughout, kitchen revamp, staging, accent wallpaper, and new light fixtures -- paid off in spades for our sellers.  

Upper West Side

Upper West Side

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