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Step 1: Getting Ready

Getting Ready

The Isil Yildiz Team provides an extensive pre-launch consultation to work with sellers to prepare the listing. We can identify selective improvements (i.e. painting, grout work, small renovation projects) and organizational steps that can improve the appearance, and we selectively stage all furnished properties. We can create realistic renderings to re-imagine the space and alternative floorplans to maximize its appeal. Most importantly, the Isil Yildiz Team will provide realistic and data-driven pricing advice informed by our extensive experience in working with buyers: Setting the right initial asking price is the key to selling your home at the highest price in the shortest time.

What's my home worth?

What can the Isil Yildiz Team do to prepare my apartment for listing?

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Beyond the industry standard comparable analysis, Compass provides superior valuation tools including advanced building analytics.

Photography and Staging
Staging for small apartments

Realistic virtual staging brings life to the space and allows buyers to understand scale and size in a smaller apartment.

Decorating for small new york apartments

The Isil Yildiz Team's photography of an identical apartment better captures the bright and airy look of this top-floor studio.

Photography & Staging

Photography is second only to pricing in terms of marketing strategy: It must be appealing and showcase the property's best features, but not cover flaws so blatantly as to be misleading. These image pairs provide a clear example of the profound difference photography can make in the strength of a listing. When needed, real and virtual staging will maximize the emotional impact of your home and highlight its special features. The Isil Yildiz Team directs all photography and virtual staging as needed to make sure they meet our highest standards. 

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As soon as your listing goes live, it is syndicated to over 100 online listing platforms and 9 live sites, and it is featured on The Isil Yildiz Team will also expertly showcase your property through design materials (showsheets, neighborhood maps, building information sheets, and much more) and print and online blitz created by our dedicated marketing associate using Compass's unsurpassed branding and design elements. We will use advanced network tools to identify top performing co-brokers specific to your property and target them with individualized email marketing. 

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Compass is the leading brokerage with advanced technology and tools for agents and clients alike. 

Finding the Right Buyer

Finding the Right Buyer

Finding the right buyer starts with open houses and showings. All showings are with team agents who know your home, not random agents eager to convert buyers who know little more than the address. The Isil Yildiz Team provides constant feedback and evaluation through advanced analytic intelligence on property views and comparative marketing effectiveness to help you understand the property's market performance. The Isil Yildiz Team will vet any offers to ensure prospective purchasers meet building guidelines.

Your listing will receive personal attention and attendance, assuring no detail is overlooked.

Closing and Beyond

Closing & Beyond

Many pitfalls can befall a deal after an accepted offer before it is in contract, but the Isil Yildiz Team will minimize those risks by helping you put together an experienced team of attorneys and other professionals and secure back-up offers throughout sensitive contract negotiations. Keeping the ball moving is paramount, and the Isil Yildiz Team will seamlessly coordinate all parties to closing. No matter the next step — whether temporary housing or purchase, local or out-of-area, your agent can facilitate your relocation efforts through a network of over 14,000 luxury brokers worldwide.

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Since it's launch, Compass has grown to be one of the premier luxury brokerages in the country. With offices on both coasts and in cities between, agents are experts on selling, buying, and renting homes.

What Is Your Home Worth?

What's Your Home Worth

What Sellers are Saying

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