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DIY: Large Scale Artwork at Small Scale Prices

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One of my favorite recent DIY projects was the large modern art canvas I created for my dining area. The wall its on is the first thing you see when you enter our apartment from the entry foyer, and I wanted a single piece that would create a big impact, but would not cost a fortune.

You can easily re-create your own artwork similar to mine, which is pictured to the left, with canvas, art supplies, and a little cozy time inside during a rainy early Spring weekend.

Also, if painting isn't your thing, you can also get creative with other resources to make art out of other everyday items, even personal photos.

I made another large canvas art print, pictured below above our be in our Cobble Hill apartment, which is now in our entry foyer. I used one of my favorite seascapes, and had it printed onto 2" wide canvas for less than $100.

Many blogs and websites (two great lists of ideas are on Remodelaholic and Apartment Therapy) have amazing ideas on things to do and ways to make large scale art in many different ways including framing handpainted wall paper, shower curtains, and even creating your own abstract art on canvas backing!

Get painting, finding, and DIY'ing - Just one piece of art can bring an entire room to life.


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