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IYT Market Update

What Are We Doing to Keep You and Ourselves Safe During Covid?

The Isil Yildiz Team pledges to adhere to the highest safety standards to ensure the health of our buyers, sellers, tenants, landlords, and Team. We commit to fully comply with CDC and local recommendations, and go beyond where we are able to:

1. We will collect all COVID related health forms mandated by REBNY, including a health questionnaire, as well as building information acknowledgement where applicable.

2. We will practice social distancing at all appointments and require face coverings/masks to be worn at all times.

3. Where possible, we will ask that sellers leave the premises at least an hour before appointments and that they leave open windows.

4. We will escort all visitors to and from the lobby and avoid over-crowding. Visits to common spaces will be limited and conducted virtually where possible.

5. Only qualified and interested buyers will be given appointments. We are utilizing virtual options -- 360 tours and videos -- to the fullest extent to make sure that anyone visiting the property has the right expectations.

Virtual tours mean getting the right buyers for your property in the door.

Virtual tours mean getting the right buyers for your property in the door.

6. We will provide hand sanitizer and clean our hands prior to the appointment and ask buyers not to touch surfaces during their visit leaving opening of doors/cabinets etc to agents.

7. For our listings, we clean and disinfect all areas that might have been touched (e.g light switches, door handles) and any other contacted surfaces inside the property upon the conclusion of each appointment.

8. We will send relevant follow-up materials to the buyer via email to avoid the use of printed materials requiring touch.

9. If you have special concerns or precautions you would like us to implement, our Team is here to make you feel comfortable.

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