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Visit a Museum

While New York is packed with world-famous, must-see museums (the Met, Natural History Museum, MOMA, Guggenheim, to name a few), this month I am featuring two museums which I have yet to explore but intend to in the next month.

The Tenement Museum in the Lower East Side is unparalleled for the education it provides of New York City's history. There are many tours offered by the museum which immerse the tour-goer in the experiences of various urban, immigrant working class people. On Thursday evenings, the museum offers Tastings at the Tenement, a multi-course meal featuring the flavors of the Lower East Side which are heavily influenced by the multicultural history of the neighborhood.

The Whitney Museum is celebrating its biennial this year with "one of the broadest and most diverse takes on art in the United States." This exhibition will be curated by three different outside curators, and it will be the last opportunity to visit the museum in its current home on Madison Avenue before it moves downtown in the Spring of 2015.

There are so many other exciting museums and exhibitions going on right now. Which ones do you plan to visit?


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