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Williamsburgh Savings Bank Tower

One Hanson Place

The Williamsburgh Savings Bank Tower, in Fort Greene, is a Brooklyn icon and was the tallest building in the borough until the Brooklyner came around in 2010. This is the first appearance of a Brooklyn building in this column, and I selected this One Hanson Place because I can't help but be awed by its reflective facade every day when I look out my windows at sunset.

The four-sided clocktower was built in 1929 to house the headquarters of the Williamsburgh Savings Bank. The building is in the Byzantine-Romanesque style and featured (to the chagrin of its architects) a Renaissance-style dome.

In 2007, the landmark was converted into luxury condominiums. Its grandiose entry hall -- the Skylight event space -- houses the Brooklyn Flea in winter months.

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