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Take in Some Football... in person

Growing up in Friday-Night-Lights, Texas, I followed football pretty closely growing up and through college. Since then, my interest has waned, and now, I "watch" football (meaning I am present in a room where the TV is showing a football game) for about 13 minutes total per football season.

With that caveat -- that I am not exactly a die-hard football fan -- I still love live football for its atmosphere and all that the experience entails. For starters, football season starts during the most glorious season when temperatures are mild and the leaves are turning. Add to that, dressing in layers, some cozy blankets, and perhaps some tailgating, and you get a fantastic experience that requires no knowledge of the rules of the game or players.

NFL games showcase the pinnacle of the game, but for my purposes I like college football set in a beautiful campus painted in Fall's gorgeous colors. Each year, I head up to Yale to watch a game there, but this year I have been dying to also make a trip up to Westpoint which has amazing views and the pomp of a parade. Are you planning to catch a game this Fall?

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