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Liberty Warehouse

New York city is replete with amazing buildings that are iconic landmarks, some of the whole City and others which represent their respective neighborhoods to a T.

The Liberty Warehouse is located on Pier 41 in the historic shipping yards of Red Hook, Brooklyn, and signifies both the past and present of Red Hook.

The building was constructed in the pre-Civil War 1850’s and until the early 2000's was just another large warehouse space so common in the area. While once purely an industrial space, in 2008 MTV's the Real World filmed a season there, and since then the space has become, along with the rest of the surrounding area, a trendy destination for events, parties, foodies, and nightowls.

Owned by Greg O'Connell, a large scale real estate developer behind most of Red Hook's water front growth and regeneration in the past decade, the Liberty Warehouse is now a large wedding and event venue with unparalleled views of the statue of liberty and the Manhattan Skyline. It also includes a public walking path along the water and is home to The Red Hook Winery which offers tastings, tours, and a small selection of seasonal snacks as well.

Red Hook Winery


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