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The Hunt for Red Sauce

Winter is always a time of year I crave great food and the warm cozy din of a candlelit restaurant. January and February are great months to check out new places since all the crowds from the holidays are gone and the city is quieter.

I am a huge fan of Italian food, and after one of my longtime favorites in the whole city, Bianca, closed in October, I have made a point to revisit old favorites as well as find new ones! Below are just a few places I have enjoyed thus far: try them out and find your own! Have fun traveling to delicious spots outside your usual neighborhood haunts, and happy eating!

Favorite Italian spots so far:

1. Supper - 156 E. 2nd St (East Village)

Old school cash only authentic italian eatery with an extensive menu and old world feel.

2. Lupa - 170 Thompson St (Greenwich Village)

Warm unpretentious roman trattoria with an amazing wine list and delicious authentic menu.

3. Frankie's Spuntino - 570 Hudson St (West Village)

Simple, fresh and delicious dishes, the sausage cavatelli is life-altering.

For my birthday next month, I plan to have the legendary pasta tasting at Babbo.

Upon recommendation from some of my favorite clients, I also can't wait to try:

1. Pisticci - 125 LaSalle St (Morningside Heights)

2. Piccola Venezia - 42-01 28th Avenue (Astoria)

They have an amazing review on Zagat and so I think will be well worth the trek!


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