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Spring Fling: Tips to Clear Out Your Closet for a New Season

Well before Marie Kondo made decluttering fashionable, New Yorkers have been masters at shedding unwanted clothing and other goods from their all-too-small closets.

While I try to go through my closets at least once every few months, Spring and Fall are the perfect time to edit your belongings while swapping out your seasonal wardrobe.

So what to do with all those items you have loved, worn, and now are ready to part ways with? And how about those impulse purchases that never really quite fit?

Luckily, New York is full of amazing vintage stores that would LOVE to take on the burden of some of your unwanted layers. Here are a few of my favorite places to consign and donate...

High-End Consignment Shops:

1. Ina: 6 locations in some of the most trendy, fashion-forward, high traffic neighborhoods in New York City, and a base of avid and loyal customers and consigners, Ina has a very high end legacy and clientele and is a great spot for your most luxury items. They also accept men's items, which many other stores do not. Noho Location (men+women): 15 Bleeker Street

2. Second Time Around: Focused on higher end consignment, STA has locations all over the country. They usually only purchase well known contemporary and designer items in great condition and from collections released in the last 2 years, but are a great option for those special pieces you want to ensure find a great new home. 10 NYC Locations: Soho Location: 111 Thompson Street

3. Eva Gentry: Very high end designer outpost in Brooklyn, curated by Eva Dayton, which accepts only barely used designer items but pays consigners well and is also a wonderful place to find new wardrobe updates to put back in your newly available closet space... I just bought a brand new Marni shopper I can't wait to carry this Spring! 371 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn

Mid-Level Thrift Stores (usually they will buy items directly, and offer you the option of donating anything they don't want for you!)

1. Beacons Closet: Very hip and on trend with the college crowd, Beacon's closet has several locations in Brooklyn and Manhattan and will sort through all your donations, buy what they want, and then donate any leftover items to Salvation Army. Greenwich Village Location: 10 W. 13th Street

2. Buffalo Exchange. Another multiple location option, Buffalo Exchange has outposts in Williamsburg, East Village, and Chelsea. They accept donations as well as purchases clothing directly, and is usually a great stop for less high end items that you want to get out of your closet that aren't especially expensive but still in great condition. Chelsea Location: 144 W. 26th Street

Donations Only

Housing Works Thrift Stores: Housing works is a great option for any items you might now want to consign or sell but still want to send to a good home and a great cause. They accept donations at all of their 13 NYC locations, in both Brooklyn and Manhattan. Just make sure you keep an itemized list for tax deducatons! They also accept furniture and household items, so your Spring Clean can go even beyond the closet if you get really ambitious!

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