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2016 Q1 Market Data Now Available in the New Compass Markets App

It is my pleasure to share Compass's newest market analysis tool with you. You can now find specific market data through the Compass Market App, which allows you to get an even more in depth read on trends and changes in specific boroughs and neighborhoods.

I personally have spent a large part of Q1 working with multi-family and single family home buyers and I have been struck by how much you can get when you are willing to venture beyond Manhattan and the more established Brooklyn neighborhoods. For the price of a one or two bedroom condo in Lower Manhattan or Brooklyn Heights you can easily find both single and multi-family properties.

I have also been working with several buyers in these areas at a slightly lower price point and am amazed at how many buyers are flocking to previously over looked neighborhoods. Flatbush, Hudson Heights, Weeksville, Greenwood Heights, and Stuyvesant Heights have seen a great surge in demand and these markets are growing quickly - it is a great time to look to new neighborhoods both for more space, but also to set yourself up for a nice return on investment as these markets continue to grow over the next few years. Even now, all of my buyers have ended up in bidding wars, and these areas are only gaining momentum: move over Park Slope and Gramercy, there's a new kid(s) in town.

I hope that you find these key takeaways useful and enjoy reading the full analysis in this quarter’s app reports and analysis. I welcome your comments and look forward to speaking with you soon about the NYC real estate market or process.

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