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Prospect Lefferts Gardens

Prospect Heights has largely already seen its big boom - while prices will still slowly rise, over the past 5-7 years the area has already close to doubled in valuations. A 1 bed coop will run $550-650,000, a 2 bed $700-850,000 depending on size, and all the newer condo developments are much higher. Crown Heights has also already seen a huge rise in prices in the western areas of the neighborhood (around Franklin/Bedford/Nostrand) and although the more eastern parts are still much cheaper (around Utica Avenue), that is already changing.

Prospect Lefferts Gardens however, to the east of Prospect Park and just south of the bustling Franklin Avenue corridor of Crown Heights, offers a much lower price per square foot than any of its northern neighbors, although inventory can be low since there are generally a lot more single and multi-family properties than coops and condos on the market. At $508 per square foot you can buy a 2200 square foot townhouse in Prospect Lefferts for about the same price as a 1250 square foot condo in Prospect Heights.

Prospect Lefferts Gardens is a residential neighborhood where large apartment buildings, bodegas, and numerous small restaurants have joined the original mix of single-family Tudors, limestone townhouses, and shingled Victorians. Like Prospect Heights and Crown Heights, Prospect LG borders the park and has access to similar subway lines. While there are more limited amenities now, Smorgasburg has recently relocated its Dumbo location to Breeze Hill in Prospect Park, just inside the Lincoln Road entrance. The area promises to see many other similar additions over the next few years.


Brooklyn Smorgasburg – The Sunday Market has moved to a new spot in beautiful Prospect Park. (This market replaces the former Brooklyn Bridge Park Pier 5 location.) Find 100 vendors and food from all over the world every Sunday May – October (Breeze Hill, From the Lincoln Road Entrance to Prospect Park, Sunday 11am-12pm)

De Hot Pot - In an area replete with options for Caribbean fare, this Trinidadian hot spot gets the best reviews for its “doubles” (fried bread sandwiches with chickpea curry) rotis, jerk chicken, and goat curry. Note – THIS WILL BE SPICY! (1127 Washington Avenue, Hours: 9am-8pm daily)

Blessings Herbs and Coffee - A cozy café with friendly service, a diverse clientele, and delicious health conscious lunch options plus a popular brunch menu. Highlights – Seared Salmon salad, Quinoa Salad, Sauteed Garlic Spinach and Organic Eggs, Fresh-Squeezed Mimosas. (663 Flatbush Avenue 7am-7pm)

Midwood Flats - Part restaurant, part cocktail bar, the interior of this all wood paneled vintage styled space is impressive, but the real gem is their excellent selection of craft beers and whiskeys. Also, make sure to try their gastro-pub take on a traditional bar menu. Highlights – Signature Burger, Craft Beer and Whiskey Flights, and Crispy Lobster Rolls. (577 Flatbush Avenue M-F 5pm-2am, Weekends 11-4am)

Bluebird Food and Spirits – Comfort food in a gorgeous setting complete with fireplace and outdoor seating. Highlights – Nightly DJ Spin-offs every Friday, Low and slow brisket sandwich with banana butter, the dark dark and story cocktail, backyard picnic burger. (504 Flatbush Avenue M-F 5pm-11pm, Weekends 11:30am-11pm).

If you are interested in exploring our entire Brooklyn Series at once, please reach out and we can get you the full brochure.

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