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Enjoy Brooklyn's Best BBQ before Labor Day!

The summer months between Memorial Day and Labor Day mark the high season for many things: rentals, temperatures, humidity, and park-wide sun bathing to name just a few. In the sizzling world of NYC's BBQ restaurants, nothing can beat a summer afternoon eating fresh barbecue in Brooklyn, So make time in the next (gasp) last 3 weekends of summer to check out a few of these amazing BB‘cue destinations. These are only a few of many that are now all over the borough - the only struggle lies in choosing between them all.

1. Fletcher’s (433 3rd Avenue, Gowanus) Operated by the same restaurant group that is behind Peaches and Hothouse, Fletcher’s is a mighty fine choice for seldom bbq’d proteins (like duck, lamb and pork steak), However, their crowning menu item istheir gold standard burnt ends. Odd-shaped leavings from the point half of a smoked brisket, they have a higher fat content and require a longer cooking time — resulting in delectable, well-caramelized shards of salty, meaty goodness.

Spare ribs are a dime a dozen on most barbecue menus, which is why the “Brontosaurus-sized” short ribs are a must-order at Fort Greene’s southern-leaning smoke spot. But instead of being slow braised and deposited on a puddle of polenta, these beefy, dry-rubbed bones are accompanied by a trio of tasty dipping sauces; tomato-based barbecue, sticky brown sugar-chili, and vinegary jalapeño.

Pitmaster John Avila originally made his name dry-rubbing brisket and pulling pork at the famed Franklin Barbecue in Texas. But at his busy Prospect Heights restaurant, the highlights are actually his poultry selections. Surprisingly moist and delicious, chicken, sold by half or whole bird, as well as turkey is always cooked to perfection, and you should never pass up a steaming side his collards and cornbread.

Like many of Brooklyn’s talented new crop of pitmasters, bodyguard-turned-smoked meat enthusiast, Billy Durney, takes a global approach to his ‘cue. We’re especially fond of the jerk-rubbed baby back ribs, aromatic with ginger and ringed with a peppery, broiler-charred crust.

Pitmaster Nester Laracuente’s part cookhouse part bar and nightclub offers delicious meats, creative sides, along with a massive bar with over 46 draught lines and 200 well whiskeys to choose from. The restaurant also houses a stage for live music and DJ events, plus a skee ball and pool table. Definitely the spot for a cook out style get down, made clear in their motto – BBQ, Beer, and Rock & Roll.

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