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Sunset Park

Sunset Park is one of Brooklyn’s most diverse neighborhoods, with an old world, friendly vibe that residents love. The park itself serves as the perfect centerpiece for the surrounding row houses, amazing Chinese and Latin American restaurants, and offers beautiful views. Industry City and the Brooklyn Army Terminal also have begun to offer industrial co-working spaces that promise to bring the same arts and design professionals that made Williamsburg in to a world-wide brand.

Compared to Williamsburg, Sunset Park offers a similar vibe with more than half the price - $517 per square foot versus $1146 per square foot in closed sales in the most recent quarter.

“Sunset Park is unique in New York's gastronomic demimonde… Domincan, Mexican, Peruvian, Ecuadorian, and Salvadoran places, and the stray diner and Hasidic spot, are all tumbled down the hill toward the Upper Bay, while an ever-expanding Chinatown on top lures you with Vietnamese, Yunnan, Sichuan, Cantonese, Malaysian, and the occasional Thai place. You pick. Either way, dinner will be cheap and tasty. Sunset Park is one of the city's great unsung food destinations” – The Village Voice (09/2014)


Sunset Park – Not just a namesake for the neighborhood, Sunset park is the highest point in Brooklyn and offers spectacular views in to Manhattan, Brooklyn, and even Staten Island (1624 10th Avenue @ 16th Street, Hours: Thur – Sun 12pm-6pm)

- EAT -

Ba Xuyen – This beloved Vietnamese sandwich shop is good enough to make locals hurry home from work in Manhattan just so they could score a banh mi for supper. ​Recently, the place has added a wider selection to the menu and now also serves good apps along with Chinese pastries and cakes in the Hong Kong style. (4222 Eighth Avenue, Hours: 7:30am – 6:30pm)

Green Fig Bakery - Conveniently located just uphill from the 36th Street express stop, this newcomer offers amazing coffee, overstuffed sandwiches, little square slices of pizza, along with assorted vegan cakes, cookies, and pastries. (462 36th Street)


East Harbor Seafood Palace – The largest of the neighborhoods Dim Sum Meccas, waiters sport maroon tuxedos and bow ties in an expansive 500+ seat dining room replete with massive chandeliers (714 65th Street, Hours: 9am – 11pm Daily)

Pacificana – Huge crowds, long waits, but according to the raver reviews and regular visitors, this dim sum spot serves up enough spectacular bites to be worth any wait (813 55th Street, Hours: 9am-11:30pm Daily)

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