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Uptown Eats - Welcome to Morningside Heights!

St. John the Devine & Tom's Restaurant - PhotoCredit: Urban Compass

Morningside Heights spans the area from 110th to 125th Street, from the east end of Morningside Park to the Hudson River. The 1 train stops on Broadway at 110th, 116th and 125th Streets. The neighborhood is anchored by its schools and institutions. The Columbia campus runs from 114th to 121st Street between Broadway to Amsterdam Avenue; Barnard College sits just to the west across Broadway. Besides Columbia and Barnard, Morningside Heights is home to the Union Theological Seminary, the Jewish Theological Seminary and the Manhattan School of Music.

Once touted as a neighborhood that offered predominantly “student special” cuisine (think $2 pizza and "the spicy special" from 109 Deli) or casual diners (like Tom’s Restaurant, whose facade was used in “Seinfeld” and is still diligently photographed by tourists) the area has changed over the past decade as more and more non-collegiate residents and young families have ventured north in search lower price tags on rentals and sales.

The area is now home to countless wonderful dining options - our top five picks are highlighted on the map below. See more from Thrillist here…. and next weekend, take a trip uptown and try one of these places out for yourself! Afterward, take a stroll in Riverside Park, and enjoy the beginning of fall with a little college town in the city.

Discover Morningside Heights

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