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DIY: Small Spaces - Displaying Collections without the Clutter

Photo Credit: Jonathan Adler Home Blog

While many New Yorkers would love to have the kind of space pictured on the right, in reality, huge open walls and massive display spaces are few and far between in most NYC apartments.

I collect a variety of things, from Jonathan Adler vases to sea shells from my various travels, and it can be hard to find a visually appealing way to arrange them if I don't have the space to display the entire collection. One of my favorite things about collections is the sense of cohesiveness an entire arrangement of the same kind of items gives to a room, but when space is limited, it can be hard to get the same effect.

Also, smaller collections like seashells tend to present a similar issue - putting out a massive tub of shells, or one single tiny shell alone, is not exactly in my decor scheme. However, I recently found an interesting article on design sponge that has lots of both effective and easy ideas for displaying collections - one of while involves photographing collections to create large wall art.

Photographing arrangements that display your entire collection and having these blown up to create large but simple wall art is a clever way to display a collection with out actually having to deal with all the individual pieces.

I am planning to do this with my shell collection and excited about creating a very cool wall hanging that both allows me to see the collection better and also does not take up any of my precious floor or shelf space.

It is also a nice way to create wall art that is more meaningful, personal, and original - it can help give your home greater character and infuse your space with images that reflect your interests, memories, and personal style.

So dust off those boxes of treasures you have been saving over the years. Also, check out lots of cool collection display ideas at design sponge, my inspiration behind the photography idea! Now you can enjoy them every day, even when they are once again packed soundly away.

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