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DIY: Cook Outside Your Comfort Zone

Photo Credit: Jonathan Adler Home Blog

While I enjoy cooking, there are certain dishes and meals I tend to leave to the professionals. My baking skills are strictly limited to knowing good bakeries and making diet coke cake (don't ask, it's basically poison).

I have made it my mission this month to make one (1) delicious homemade baked good... starting with Bill's mother's recipe for praline pecan pie. We first had the dessert two years ago at Thanksgiving and the recipe has since then been sitting in my email inbox... but that is going to change this month!

The best part of this particular recipe is that it doesn't require many ingredients: Butter, Sugar, Flour, Milk, Eggs, Vanilla, Pecans. All items I know, recognize, and have cooked with before.

As a baking novice, I think it is easier to focus on recipes with fewer ingredients that I have used and have on hand - I have also been assured the recipe is simple and fool-proof. TBD...

Here is the recipe (BELOW) Let me know if you attempt it as well, and how your pie turns out!

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Even if your first venture into the culinary unknown is less than perfect, it is still fun to try new things - whether your challenges include desserts, grilling, BBQ-ing, or simply new styles of cuisine, remember that practice makes perfect and there will always be a few burned cookies and dried out steaks before you make the perfect dish...

Prepare your significant other to compliment your efforts regardless. Bill is available for tutoring services in this field if needed...

If all else fails, there is always Court Pastry Shop or whatever your fall back delivery staple may be!

Happy cooking!

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