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DIY: Nautical Accents Done Right

Photo Credit: Jonathan Adler Home Blog

Everyone has walked in to some friends Great Aunt Sally's living room and been fully assaulted with all the ways nautical theme can go wrong... like cayenne pepper or paisley, nautical accents are all about proportions.

However, as we move in to summer and New Yorkers begin dreaming of beach days filled with clam bakes, sea shells, and rose, a touch of nautical flair can certainly be a fun addition to your decor.

Something as minimal as a single accent, like a playful sea themed coaster set from Jonathan Adler or a change in color scheme, such as a white base with pops of nautical blues like the ones shown in the Minimalisti design blog, can bring summer in to your home with minimal effort and expense.

As I mentioned in previous posts, I have a thing for collecting shells, and summer always seems a particularly nice time to bring them out to display - this of all the tiny decor pieces you have tucked away and see if any might bring a more beach-y vibe to your current scheme. This could also be the time to revisit the idea of large scale wall art - the image below is from the Gracious Home blog, and illustrates that just one single piece of art can change the entire tone of a room from muted to bold.

Photo Source: Gracious Home Blog

Check out the entire list of nautical idea on the Gracious Home blog, as well some nautical accents I have made in my own home - note the sconces in my earlier post about my DIY Head board.

Have a great time bringing summer in to your home, not matter how often you actually make it to the beach this year - As always I would love to hear your success stories and personal nautical decor favorites.

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